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We have a combined 40+ years of work experience utilizing a diverse global network.

The team hails from South Korea, Japan, and Turkey respectively. Tokyo brought them together to combine their diverse backgrounds and years of experience in concert, film, theater, and event production, talent management, booking agency, energy, and banking.

We utilize global network to provide artists with opportunities to expand their boundaries of expression in original performances across disciplines (music, dance, other arts) to be presented around the world.

The Tarantula.

The legend of the Tarantella dates back to Italy in the Middle Ages. Once bitten by a poisonous tarantula spider, the victim would fall into a trance that could only be cured by frenzied dancing.

Musicians would surround the victim searching for the correct rhythm that would be the cure.


Tarantula partners like to bite and then cure, going through many rhythms in between.


"Produce something we would enjoy"

This slogan is the basis under which Tarantula has established itself for creative activities.

Live Events

Planning, producing and touring original contents (shows, performances, concerts, and live events)

Art Events

Planning and promotion, curating Art Exhibitions (Photography, Fine Arts, and others) and tours

Agency Business

Sales agent - booking shows & musicals for theaters and promoters; artist booking for clubs, festivals and events

Consulting Service

Festival planning and operation, In-bound and Out-bound business support, Artist promotion, etc.

Our Team

Youngji Nam

Rep. Director / Founding Partner

Studied Fine Arts in Korea. After studying at the New York Film Academy for film directing, started her career as a producer in film, and participated many International Film Festivals in New York and Korea.

In 2007, established Gummi Bear Productions in Korea for producing music events and organizing tours, events & concerts for overseas musicians in Korea.

Engin Yenidunya

Founding Partner

Born in Istanbul. Graduated from Yale Uni. Over 13 years experience in finance in NewYork, London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. From 2009, started his career as a Film producer, as well as music and event Producer. His major works are:

CUT by Amir Naderi (Orizzonti Opening Film of Venice Film Festival ’11)

ASHES by A. Weerasethakul (Winner of Cannes Palme d’Or 2009)

World Tour (‘13) for Joker & King, close-up magic and improvised jazz duo

Tyler Rausa

Marketing Director

Born outside Toronto, Canada, studied marketing and online commerce. Worked on concerts, festivals, and entertainment events overseeing marketing and promotions for Gummi Bear Productions in Korea.

Has been operating Konnected Solutions, a website design and consulting agency based in Korea for over 8 years with clients in South Korea, Japan, and other parts of Asia.

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